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 Rules to play by

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Axel Hawk
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Rules to play by Empty
PostSubject: Rules to play by   Rules to play by I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 08, 2011 4:09 pm

So as I said there are rules here! I generally don't mind things like language and such as I am mature enough to handle such things. However I will hold true to these few here.

First and Fore most. Be nice to people.

Be respectful.

If you are posting in a role play thread be sure to post an OOC or Out of Character post. This is where your plot planning and characters should be posted.

Understand that as Admins ... Alex and I are basically the gods of this forum. If you disrespect a request from one of us you will have to understand that we will be less likely to respect you back. If you have a suggestion run it by us... that is the only way it will happen. Concerns should also be brought to our attention. If someone is being a jerk or not playing fairly let one of us know.

Also know that I am fine with mature content... but please make sure to mark it in the title as not everyone enjoys that sort of thing.

So generally thats all I have as far as main rules go.

Free Form- Rules here are slack. Grammar and spelling can be loose. And one liners are fine. This thread also allows Script format (ex. Axel: I have to get ready for my race. * is heading toward her car)

Casual- Spelling and Grammar will be monitored a bit more here. Also you have a one paragraph minimum set here.

Advanced- Minimum spelling and grammar mistakes here. You want to make sure to post more than one paragraph ... so at least two or three. I understand that dialog can be hard to make posts long with ... so that is the exception.
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Rules to play by
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