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 Alex "Zenoxen" Stark

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Alex Stark

Alex Stark

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PostSubject: Alex "Zenoxen" Stark   Alex "Zenoxen" Stark I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 10, 2011 1:13 pm

Name: Edward Alexander Stark

Age: 20

Alies: Alex, Zenoxen

Nationality: Swiss/American

Race: Android (Human born)

Gender: Male

Hair: Soft and silky long silver.

Eyes: Change a bit ( mine do like his) Blue or Grey, depending on the mood.

Bio: Born in Grindelwald, Switzerland, during his parent's christmas vacation, Alex spent most of his childhood at home, being taught by JARVIS. After playing a prank on a US senator, he and Jarvis were both sent to study in Kadic Academy, a boarding school in Paris, France. After graduating, Alex and Jarvis took a degree in Computer Sciences and Electrical Engeneering at MIT. Alex then left his family's home and joined one Artic exploration expedition, which disappeared withought a trace. Alex was then presumed dead for over a year, reappering latter in Greenland, exhaustedly walking almost barefooted in the snow. After the competent authorities contacted his father, Tony Stark, Jarvis was sent to retreave Alex, but the airplane in which they were returning suffered a critical malfunction, causing it to blow up in mid air, killing the pilotes and almost killing Alex, which was tossed away into the atmosphere with the first explosion. Jarvis followed him and used his own body as a shield from the second explosion, but the shrapnel went past Jarvis and lodged inside Alex. Jarvis also used his body as a means to avoid Alex's death in the landing, damaging himself almost to the point in which he would be unable to controll his android form.
After this events, Alex was implanted with an ARC reactor in his chest, and fell into a deep depression, as he blaimed himself on what happend to Jarvis. To drag him out of it, Tony reopened the old Stark Industries company and letted it into Alex's hands.

Personality: To be added later...once I have the time ^^;

My model: Unknown.
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Alex "Zenoxen" Stark
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